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Zoomable world map

The world map can be zoomed (enlarged) up to high resolutions. This is done using the buttons at the bottom left below the map.

The magnifying glass with the plus symbol means: The cursor becomes a magnifying glass. Left-click on the map to get closer to the place.
If you press the switch with the magnifying glass and the minus symbol, you move away from the place.

The dashed rectangle means: Hold down the left mouse button and drag a rectangle into the area that you want to enlarge. After releasing the left mouse button, this area is enlarged.

When you press the switch with the globe , the scale changes so that you can see the world map as a whole.

To the left of the switches there is an indication of the current magnification factor. The maximum magnification is 200%.

If you press the switch with the hand symbol , the appearance of the cursor changes. You can now click on a point on the map and move it. When the globe is displayed, it is rotated.
The 4 directional switches to the right of the hand switch also have a similar function.
The map can also be moved with the scrollbar right and below.

If the map has been enlarged, you can see a smaller overview map at the top left, which shows the entire world. The area that is currently visible on the large map is surrounded by a red rectangle. This rectangle can be moved with the mouse. The large map adapts immediately on.

If you want an even more precise presentation when searching for callsigns, you can use the "Web maps" button to go to Internet maps that show the location you are looking for.

more screenshots

Pic below:World map zoomed

World map zoomed
(Zoom pic)

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