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Maps & photos

When searching for callsigns, you can access any Internet maps using the "Web map" button at the top right. The program transfers the location of the station you are looking for to these maps.

Below the DXCC list and in the information window of the call search, further detailed maps and photos are visible in the miniature view of many DXCC after clicking the entries in the list.

Thumbnails of the photos are also shown on the map if you activate the "Photos" option under the map. When HAM Atlas is connected to the HAM Office logbook program, all photos that are managed there are also displayed. In this case you can select the folder from which the photos should be fetched to the right of the option button.

In all of these cases the following applies: If you click on these maps or photos with the mouse, they are shown enlarged.

Scanned QSL cards can be viewed in the same way. If the back of the QSL card has also been read into the program, you can switch between the front and back by clicking on the QSL card. Using the "New" button, QSL cards can be read, which are then assigned directly to the DXCC. But this is also possible via the QSL card management.

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